PET and SPECT standards and their precursors

PharmaSynth AS supplies an extensive number of precursors and reference standards for various applications in oncology.

We are an important resource for our partners in supplying tracers used in this field.
Adreno-cortical tissue

Desethyletomidate Desmethylmetomidate, etomidate acid

Precursor for PET tracer [11C]etomidate and [11C]metomidate


Etomidate Amidate

Reference standard for PET tracer [11C]etomidate


pCl-Fluoroetomidate CETO

Reference standard for PET tracer para-chloro-2-[18F]fluoroethyl etomidate or [18F]CETO



Precursor for PET tracer [18F]pCl-fluoroetomidate


Androgen receptor


Reference standard for PET tracer [18F]16β-FDHT



Reference standard for PET tracer [18F]16α-FDHT



Precursor for PET tracer [18F]16β-FDHT




Precursor for PET tracer [11C]vorozole



Reference standard for PET tracer [11C]vorozole


Tumor imaging agent

D-Homocysteine thiolactone hydrochloride

Precursor for PET tracer [11C]-D-Methionine



Reference standard for PET tracer [18F]FPIA


Fluorocholine bromide

Reference standard for PET tracer [18F]fluorocholine


Fluoroethylcholine chloride

Reference standard for PET tracer [18F]fluoroethylcholine


L-Homocysteine thiolactone hydrochloride L-HCT HCl

Precursor for PET tracer [11C]L-methionine



Precursor for PET tracer [18F]FPIA


All of our products stand out due to the high performance demonstrated in applications. The chemical purity is always higher than 95%, usually higher than 98%.
PharmaSynth follows the GMP production guidelines ensuring a validated manufacturing process that involves qualified personnel and premises that suit the operations to be carried out.
Test labeled
We provide an optimization of labeling, as our regular precursor batches are test labeled in Karolinska Institute. The specific activity is usually higher than 10 000 Ci/mmol in 11C labeling (the best achieved is desmethyl-raclopride 52000 Ci/mmol).
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