About PharmaSynth

PharmaSynth AS was established in 2004, trying to answer the growing demand of certified molecules used in PET and SPECT imaging studies.

The molecular imaging has proved to have high potential to impact medicine by detecting diseases in early stages, evaluating treatment effects and finding novel approaches to overcome diseases. Among these methods PET and SPECT have become a daily routine in many areas of medical diagnostics.

PharmaSynth is contributing to this field by supplying precursors and standards for PET and SPECT imaging, following GMP guidelines.

Our special expertise relies in molecule synthesis for brain studies and we take fast steps into becoming an important partner in oncology and other fields. What makes us competitive is the quality we deliver through our products, our personal assistance and reliability we offer to our clients and the tailored products that serve to our customer's research goals.

Our production facilities are located in Tartu Science Park, Estonia. The close proximity to Tartu University offers us several opportunities, from intellectual partnerships to specialized human resources, fact that enables us to produce high quality chemistry in our labs.
"In PharmaSynth we are dedicated to developing our products in the most responsible way and we work with precision to ensure the quality necessary for clinical use."

Jukka Hiltunen, CEO (2004-2021)