GMP precursors and standards for PET and SPECT imaging

PharmaSynth is specialized in supplying precursors and standards for PET and SPECT imaging, following GMP guidelines. Our product list contains already more than 100 molecules for many different target systems. The largest share (more than 80% of the products) goes to neuroscience molecules, as our knowledge and expertise prospers in this area. However, we continuously develop our portfolio to satisfy our customer's variable needs. As a result, we offer an expanding selection of products used in oncology, cardiology and other applications such as endocrine disorders.

Custom synthesis and API’s production

Based on our expertise in organic synthesis we offer custom synthesis and development services tailored to our client's needs and thanks to the knowledge in GMP production we are also able to offer small scale synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s). We are registered as API manufacturer and also hold the GMP certificate, both are visible on European Inspections database EudraGMDP site: API registration number 726 (AS-mf) and GMP certificate number IN-2-14/19/1 (API), country Estonia.

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